Ndumbwe Primary School

Our most recent partner school renovated in 2018 Read more

Namgogoli Primary School

Namgogoli Primary School is in a village distinct for its red sand Read more

Mkangala Primary School

Located in an area completely unreachable during monsoon season Read more

Mitengo Primary School

Located is half way between the EdUKaid offices in Mikindani and the local town of Mtwara. Read more

Likonde Primary School

One of our larger schools Read more

Naumbu Primary School

One of our most challenging renovations to date Read more

Lwelu Primary School

One of the our most rural schools Read more

Mwenge Primary School

Mwenge primary school is on particularly high ground making it difficult to access in the wet season Read more

Msijute Primary School

Our biggest renovation project and largest school Read more

Singino Primary School

Singino School is local to the EdUKaid offices in Mikindani Read more

Mgao Primary School

Located in a remote costal village Read more

Imekuwa Primary School

Our very first partner schools Read more

Mkunwa Primary School

One of our most recent projects renovated in 2017 Read more

Kawawa Primary School

One of the most remote schools Read more

Mbuo Primary School

Opened in 2018 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign Read more

Mnaida Primary School

Transformed thanks to the Sunshine on MIkindani appeal Read more