Our most recent partner school, Ndumbwe renovation was completed in 2018 thanks to grants from British and Foreign Schools Society and The Chrysalis Trust.  This was a particularly challenging renovation due to significant damage caused by a fire in 2016.  Children are now benefiting from bright and well resourced classrooms, new latrines and clean water from the rainwater harvesting system - this is already having a positive impact on attendance and learning outcomes.  

In 2018 there are 74 pre-primary children and 678 primary children enrolled at the school

Before renovations

Making big changes

Fresh water

Enjoying class



“Our school is saved – I was of despair but now I am full of hope for our children.” - Mr Yarauka – head teacher 

“I like the toilets – it is good not to have boys there.” - Greta, Standard 7 pupil 

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