EdUKaid is a small charity with a big vision. 

Founded in 2003, EdUKaid operates in the rural Mtwara region of southern Tanzania improving access to education for some of the country’s most disadvantaged children through simple, low cost, sustainable and embedded interventions.  We make lasting changes by improving the provision and quality of education working in partnership with local communities and other key stakeholders.  Since 2003, and with limited resources.

EdUKaid has improved the lives of over 17,000 of the most disadvantaged children at the same time empowering their teachers, families and wider communities to take positive action to change the future for generations of children to come. 

Supporting particularly remote and isolated communities, EdUKaid has developed effective and scalable solutions collaboratively with local stakeholders, which enable them to meet the fundamental challenges they face - widening educational access for the most disadvantaged children in a sustainable way.    


Our activities include: