International Day for People of African Descent

This global celebration aims to end all forms of prejudice against persons of African origin by promoting the tremendous achievements of the African diaspora around the world Read more

International Youth Day 22

International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. Read about it here! Read more

International Day of Friendship 22

Celebrate International Day of Friendship by doing something to help others in need Read more

The Importance of Communication and Translation

Ewan details the importance of communication and translation for international charities, how EdUKaid is tackling these issues, as well as his own contributions to solving these ongoing challenges. Read more

World Population Day

Exploring the reason for World Population Day and how EdUKaid is addressing the impact of over population on education in Tanzania Read more

So good to be back

Read about Sarah Varney's first trip to Mikindani in over 10 years Read more

Ewan's experience volunteering at EdUkaid

Ewan Davies details his volunteering experience, his motivation for joining and the benefits of working for EdUKaid. Read more

The hidden costs of ‘free’ schools in Tanzania

Elimination of school fees has had adverse impacts on access to education in Tanzania. EdUKaid's Farm to Feed Project is helping schools become self-financing, combating unaffordable education. Read more

World Malaria Day 2021

Marking World Malaria Day to examine the role of education in fighting malaria in rural Tanzania. Read more

World Autism Awareness Day: Improving the Lives of those with Disabilities

Supporting those with disabilities on World Autism Awareness Day as we continue to provide inclusive education to children in Tanzania. Read more

Samia Suluhu Hassan: Tanzania's first female President

Samia Suluhu Hassan as Tanzania's first female president represents a turning point in Tanzania's political sphere. Read more