Based in the coastal village of Mikindani, EdUKaid is committed to helping children in the poor, remote region of Mtwara in southern Tanzania

Watch our video above to take a walk through Mikindani yourself


Most families in Mtwara are subsistence farmers with very little or no cash income. Many children have lost one or both parents due to the harsh reality of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases threatening the people in the region. Others have been abandoned by their parents and live within an extended family. As one of the poorest regions in the country, but with a population of 1.3 million, educational achievement is extremely low with 43% of children dropping out in the first 4 years and only 30% of children enrolling at secondary school.


Home to our local team office and Community Centre, Mikindani is a remote coastal village in Mtwara with a population of around 16,000 people. It is steeped in history and has links with Dr David Livingstone but the area is really too far away from the national parks to attract tourists. Many families live in mud thatched houses and their quality of life is severely impacted by poverty. For the people of Mikindani this translates into daily life that is a struggle to meet their most basic needs.

The challenges faced every day mean getting to school and getting an education are extremely difficult. But the need to do so is ever more important, as it would allow these children to break free from the cycle of poverty they are in.