Tanzania, a country in eastern Africa, is known for its tourist attractions of vast wilderness, the Serengeti National Park and safari treks in search of the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino). Many visitors also come to climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro but few are aware of the struggles the country faces in terms of supporting its own people.

Population growth is rapid (about 3% pa) but the resources cannot keep up to support the country’s ever increasing needs. Its 56 million people make up an interesting melting pot of many different ethnic, linguistic and religious groups but poverty is the common factor amongst them all.

The education system is severely impacted and schools are overcrowded (up to 200 children in one class) and often cannot even meet basic needs, such as desks, classrooms or toilets. Compounded by a critical shortage of teachers and those that remain being hugely demoralised.

Tanzania is at risk of failing its next generation.

For those living in poor rural areas the problem is far worse. Children living with a disability have a particularly tough life with only 5% currently in education. Girls also face additional barriers to accessing an education: negative attitudes towards gender and a lack of appropriate facilities mean that many girls miss out on an education

But there is a passion and energy in the country- that was what attracted Tim Dench (founder of EdUKaid) on his original visit that captured his emotions and belief that there was a need to do something to help.

Together we can address these problems and change a child's life: provide education so they can be empowered to choose the direction of their own lives.