Give the gift of education and change a life

Take your pick from our fantastic range of life-changing gifts and we will send a personalised card to your loved one with information about the impact of the gift bought in their name.

processHow it works

All gift cards will be posted to the delivery address second class within 3 days of the order being received..

If you would like to purchase a bespoke gift or arrange an alternative delivery date or method then please contact us

Text books


Your gift will ensure that a whole class of children have the text books they need to learn and the chance of a better future Read more

Feed a school


Your gift will help a school to start their own feeding programme providing a meal for up to 500 children every day. Read more

School desk


Your gift of will buy a desk for 2 children giving them the opportunity to learn and the chance to achieve their potential Read more



Your gift will provide enough chalk for a whole school helping teachers teach and giving up to 500 children the chance to learn Read more

Tippy tap


Your gift will provide hand washing facilities for a whole school in rural Tanzania dramatically reducing childhood illness and saving lives Read more

Story books


Your gift will enable us to buy 5 books for our community library and give children the chance to experience the magic of storrytelling Read more



Your gift will enable us to buy 3 footballs for the children of Mikindani bringing to life the magic of the beautiful game Read more

Sanitary products


Your gift will provide essential sanitary products for young girls helping them remain in school during their periods Read more