Imagine living each day without knowing whether you'd have enough food to eat tomorrow? Imagine having to miss out on school because you have to work to help your family survive? Or the stigma associated with being disabled, or being a girl reaching puberty. 


Most families in Mtwara are subsistence farmers with little or no cash income and struggle to send their children to school. 

  • 40% of children drop out of school before their 10th birthday 
  • Only 3% of children manage to complete secondary education
  • 95% of children living with a disability don’t attend classes at all
  • Girls regularly miss 25% of their lessons once they reach puberty, if not more. 100,000 girls drop out of school every year – many due to pregnancy.


With typically 200 children in one classroom, poor teaching facilities and a lack of staff achieving an education to improve their future prospects is extremely difficult.

But for every £1 invested in early years education we can expect a return of £11 in future earning potential.

Your support makes a BIG difference.

You CAN have an impact.

Even the smallest amounts can be life changing.

To learn is to live- help EdUKaid change lives through education.

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