Links between disability and poverty are already well established. Poverty can be a direct cause of disability, through lack of nutrition or poor environmental conditions. Disability, in turn, impacts on poverty by preventing the full participation of people with disabilities in the economic and social aspects of their communities. This traps people in a vicious cycle that is nearly impossible to break without proper support. 

95% of children with disabilities missing school

Research shows that 0.35% of all children enrolled in primary school in Tanzania have a disability suggesting that only 5% of children living with a disability are attending school.  For those who do enrol, regular attendance is often difficult due to the lack of teaching support in large class sizes and the challenging physical environment. Teachers are often reluctant to work with disabled children as they do not understand their learning needs and lack the skills to support disabled children to learn.   

EdUKaid's Inclusive Education Project

EdUKaid’s Inclusive Education Project provides a holistic solution to meet the challenges experienced by disabled children tackling practical issues such as training, access and adaptations at the same time as dispelling myths and challenging entrenched, harmful, cultural beliefs.  Activities include:   

  • Teacher training to equip educators with the skills and confidence required to identify issues and meet children's needs  
  • Community awareness programme educating parents and guardians about the importance of Inclusive Education and supporting them in getting access to any additional services they might need 
  • Provision of basic learning and teaching aids  
  • Working with NGOs, disability organisations, education officials, the media and other influential people to understand the benefits of Inclusive Education and work collectively to promote the rights of children living with a disability  
  • Gathering data and information that will positively influence Education Policy nationally and internationally. 


These children are in particular need of support. Please consider donating or fundraising to help more in similar situations