EdUKaid is committed to improving the quality of, and access to, education for the children of Mtwara through a range of activities.  We recognise that the prosperity of the local community is key to sustaining improvements long term therefore, we support local community enterprise and initiatives where it has the potential contribute towards this. 


Community Centre  

The EdUKaid Community Centre is a hive of activity day and night.  As well as providing a base for our local team the Centre offers facilities for training, contains classrooms for Extra Tution, provides space for children who have nowhere to  study at home and has a library for local people to access. 

The Centre is available for local people to use for events and meetings – it’s even been known to host the occasional wedding. 


Craft Shop 

Whilst the Mwtara region suffers from extreme poverty and a desperate lack of basic resources, it is rich in culture and talent.  Local artisans create the most incredible items that showcase Tanzania’s heritage and portray the beauty of this amazing country. 

Talented local artist Fredy and entrepreneur Tembo use the Community Centre to display and sell paintings, carvings and other handmade crafts produced by local men and women.