EdUKaid renovates classrooms to meet high standards, providing positive effects on academic achievement

Tanzanian schools suffer long-term underfunding and neglect - especially marked in remote rural areas like Mtwara where communities suffer from extreme poverty compounded by fast growing school populations and a critical lack of resources.  Other interrelated problems include a desperate lack of teachers, poor quality training and a lack of leadership.   

Practical school building

EdUKaid supports schools to overcome these problems building the capacity of its staff and wider school communities ensuring improvements are long lasting.  We renovate neglected classrooms, rebuild latrines, install rainwater-harvesting systems, replace furniture and provide crucial resources creating safe, vibrant learning environments. 

Getting results

As a result, we have achieved dramatic improvements in: 

  • Academic achievement  
  • Attendance  
  • Health 
  • Teacher motivation 
  • Pupil and staff retention 
  • Leadership skills  
  • Community engagement 

Community Involvement programme 

Our Community Involvement programme provides training for parents and community members to undertake maintenance tasks, help in class and make learning resources creating a greater sense of local ownership and reducing long-term reliance on overseas aid.

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