School Community Farm Project to deliver food security for children in Tanzania

Hunger and poor nutrition are major issues with 35% of the population without enough nutritious food to eat – most living in poor rural areas. Chronic malnutrition rates in Mtwara are above the African and Tanzanian average with nearly 50% of under 5s being stunted – this has a major impact on a child’s ability to learn. Schoolchildren are asked to contribute food from home as schools don’t have the resources to provide it - with the majority of parents surviving with little or no cash income, this is difficult for many to afford. Hungry children struggle to concentrate and perform less well than their peers.

Our Farm to Feed – School Community Farm project provides a simple, low cost and scalable solution that delivers long-term food and financial security for schools, empowers whole communities and ultimately reduce reliance on overseas aid.

Going beyond a traditional school feeding programme, the Farm to Feed Project equips schools and local communities with the skills, knowledge and resources to develop a sustainable source of food for generations of schoolchildren and generate essential income for schools to meet the basic learning needs of their pupils.