With such large class sizes (up to 200 children in one class), a desperate lack of text books, high levels of teacher absenteeism children in the poor Mtwara region are regularly failing to complete their education as a result of the under resourced and unsupported education system.  Primary school drop-out rates are exceptionally high in rural Mtwara (43% of children drop out in the first 4 years) and educational achievement is incredibly low  with only 30% of children go on to enrol in secondary school.  In particular, girls are struggling to regularly attend or remain in school due to negative attitudes towards gender. 

Our Extra tuition project provides lessons outside of school hours for those who are struggling to progress through the school system and at highest risk of dropping out of school.   

Zambda was in danger of falling between the cracks but EdUkaid helped her with extra tuition to ensure she could carry on with her schooling.

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