The Tanzanian government insists on children aged 4 – 6 attending school yet they provide no additional funding for schools to house or teach these children.  As a result, young children gather unsupervised under a tree waiting in the hope of some interaction.  This is problematic as the early years are critical to laying the foundation of a child's development.  As children enter primary school unprepared, they struggle starting formal education already disadvantaged.    

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In 2009 EdUKaid built and opened our first pre-primary classroom attached to a state funded primary school and employed a teacher and assistant to deliver an education for children.  Very quickly, we could see the difference this made to these children and has continued to make throughout their primary and secondary education.  This pre-primary class has seen enrollment figures increase by 200% and academic attainment improve dramatically.   

EdUKaid has now established 15 pre-primary schools across the rural and municipal districts of Mtwara providing early years’ education for over 2,500 children each year.  Our qualified teachers are trained to deliver the Montessori method of teaching that focuses on children learning through play and age appropriate activities.  This highly effective, child-centred, approach has achieved excellent results giving children the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to begin their formal education. 

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