EdUKaid’s Vocational Training project gives the young adults of Mikindani the opportunity to develop the skills and obtain the qualifications they need to achieve their full potential.

Many of these young adults have been able to complete their primary and secondary education thanks to our Child Sponsorship project.  Launched in 2012, this project focuses on supporting young adults to access training or higher education courses that will lead to their chosen career and enable them to contribute to Tanzania’s future prosperity.   

Thanks to the generosity of EdUKaid donors, young people are studying to become: 

  • Doctors 
  • Teachers 
  • Mechanics 
  • Accountants 
  • Construction workers 
  • Laboratory technicians 

Read about the fantastic achievements of some of our pupils:

Daudi George's story

We first met Daudi when he was 15 – he was living with his mother and 3 siblings in a small mud hut in Mtwara.  Daudi was struggling to attend school as his mother could not afford the fees or uniform – also the school was some distance away and the family could not afford transport.  Daudi’s older sister dropped out of school at the age of 13 to help their mother grow crops and care for her siblings. 

Thanks to EdUKaid donors, Daudi was able to attend school and complete his education.  They funded Daudi’s fees, uniform and resources as well as providing a bicycle for him to get to school.  Daudi worked hard and achieved great results that meant he could go on to further education.  Daudi wanted to become a doctor so that he could eventually work with sick children and make their lives better – EdUKaid donors have continued to support Daudi through medical school.  10 years on, Daudi has completed 3 years of training and is now undertaking his first clinical placement in Ligula Hospital close to where he grew up.   

Daudi told us “Without EdUKaid donors I would have faced many problems - I thank EdUKaid for your support and my dreams are coming true."


Anna Lusambo's story

We first met Anna when she was 17 and about to complete her secondary education.  Anna was very bright and wanted to study to be an accountant but he family were very poor could not fund the fees.  Thanks to EdUKaid donors, Anna was able to go to college and spent 3 years studying for a certificate in accountancy and is now working towards completing her diploma.    

Anna told us “Without EdUKaid I would be married with children – I know I can be a good accountant and help my country become a better place."


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