Mkangala Primary School is in one of the most remote areas and is completely unreachable during monsoon season.  The whole school renovation was completed in 2014 thanks to support from the British and Foreign Schools Society, Toy Trust and Baker Hughes Oilfield Services.  The pre-primary class opened in 2015 and is now sponsored by Coffetek. 

In 2018 there were 66 pre-primary children and 452 primary children enrolled in the school.


What the transformation means to the people of Mkangala Primary School

“Painting a blackboard, something that seems so small, makes a huge difference to how the teachers feel. They are motivated and ready to begin the class 5 minutes before it starts now.”  - Valance Hokororo, Head teacher 

“These pre-primary children have the chance to learn at the most important time in their lives – your support truly changes lives.” - Education Officer 


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