Mnyundo Primary School - the challenges

Mnyundo was one of the worst performing schools in the Mtwara area – its particularly remote location creates additional challenges such as extremely poor access, lack of clean water (closest pump is several kilometres away), high levels of preventable sanitation-related illness, poor teacher retention due to neglected facilities and a shortage of even the most basic resources. 

High drop out rates

When we first visited Mnyundo Primary School in 2011 there were only 236 children enrolled but we were aware that many more children living in the area who should have been attending – many had dropped-out due to the appalling facilities. 

British and Foreign School Society - school renovation

Thanks to funding from the British and Foreign School Society EdUKaid was able to completely transform the school environment - repairing and decorating classrooms, repainting blackboards, renovating latrines, installing rainwater harvesting and supplying much needed furniture.  We have also provided capacity building activities for teachers and trained the local community to maintain the school long-term.

As a result, attendance has improved, enrollment increased and children are performing better in school.  Mnyundo Primary School is a fantastic example of how an improved environment combined with capacity building activities can significantly improve educational outcomes.

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