Mgao Primary School is in a remote coastal village and was renovated in 2010

The Pre-primary class opened in 2011 and now benefits from a relationship with Amble Links First School in Northumberland who regularly raise money for the school and send out letters and pictures. 


Children at Mgao looking at pictures of children from Amble Links


There are 108 pre-primary children and 352 primary children enrolled at the school.


The head teacher says “We are a very isolated school and often forgotten by the authorities – we are grateful to you for bringing us back to life.” 

pupil also says “I like to read the new books – before we did not have enough to use.” 

Paul Heeley – Head Teacher Amble Links First School, Northumberland comments “We have been working with EdUKaid for nearly three years now and love the 'personal touch' that it is often not possible to get with bigger charities.  Our pupils and parents have particularly enjoyed seeing photographs of the specific improvements that we have helped fund in the school support as well as seeing the children there reading books that we have sent them.  Through regular communication with EdUKaid we always feel up to date with what is going on and how the money that our families have raised is helping others in another part of the world.“

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