The closest school to our offices in Mikindani, Mnaida primary school was renovated and pre-primary opened in 2014 thanks to the incredibly generosity of donors who supported the ‘Sunshine on Mikindani’ campaign initiated by our patrons Maggie Vaughan, Neil Blake and Barbara Macleod 

There are 89 pre-primary children and 475 primary children enrolled at the school.

The Head Teacher says “We are so very grateful to the people in the UK for making our school the wonderful place it is today.  Our children enjoy learning and they do better in their lives – thank you."

It's made a vast difference to pupils' lives as one said “I enjoy school and I am happy to come every day – we now have enough desks and toilets with doors.” 

Do you feel passionate about children and education? Donate now to transform the lives of many Mtwara children, and make education a reality for them too.