When the EdUKaid team first met Fidea in 2016 she told us she liked to learn but her school was not a good place.  She said she her desk was broken and she had to share it with 3 other children even though it was only supposed to be for 2 people.  She said the latrines were bad and the children used the field to go to the toilet as they didn’t want to use them.   

A renovation makes school a 'happy place to be'

When we returned to Mkunwa after the renovation work we met with Fidea again and asked her what difference it had made for her.  Fidea told us that her school was a happy place now and the teachers happy in their nice classrooms. 

Toilets and Tippytaps in school make a world of difference

She said the latrines were good to use and she liked having latrines just for the girls.  Fidea also told us that she liked the Tippytap to wash her hands – she said she had been given the job of filling up the water containers from the sim tanks which she liked to do.  Fidea said she was excited about getting new books and desks as the head teacher had told the children this would happen soon. 

Fidea told us she hoped to stay at school unlike her sisters and go to secondary school then to college.

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