Meet Twalib Hamis Atwanje - business-owner, father of two and former recipient of EdUKaid support. 

At 31 years old, Twalib runs his own repaid shop in Mtwara-Mikindani, a coastal district in Tanzania's Mtwara region. In the district he was raised, Twalib held a close relationship with EdUKaid that spanned a decade and supported him through three institutions. 

At eight years old, Twalib was first supported by EdUKaid during his primary education. Living with his grandmother and aunt after the recent loss of his mother and father, he knew his guardians were under great stress to continue his education. 

"My aunt's only income was selling pastries to students at school," he said. 

Twalibu Hamis Atwanje posing with his youth football team

Providing him with exercise books, uniforms and a bicycle to travel to Mnaida primary school, EdUKaid relieved Twalib's family of expenses they would otherwise had to pay out of pocket. 

After six years of support, Twalib successfully passed his exams and earned his place at Mikindani Secondary School, where EdUKaid provided him with support for the following four years. 

Continuing his academic success in secondary school, Twalib chose to pursue a mechanics license at Mtawanya College. By funding his college fees for two years, EdUKaid provided him with the opportunity to pursue vocational education. 

Speaking to EdUKaid for their upcoming 20th anniversary, Twalib said, "I am truly grateful for the EdUKaid support because they have helped me achieve my goals."

Twalib's continued academic achievements translated into significant career successes. Securing a contract at the Dangote Cement Company as a mechanic, he was able to gain the two years of experience repairing vehicles that would give him the tools to service his own garage. 

Twalibu repairing a motorbike at his servicing garage at Mtwara-Mikindani

"I thank God my business is thriving. I now own a piece of land where I have started building my house. God has blessed me, I now have a family with two kids," said Twalib. 

Reflecting on EdUKaid's decade-long support, Twalib stated: 

I ask the organisation to continue helping children like me who live in vulnerable communities so that they can also achieve their goals.

Please consider becoming a regular supporter and changing the lives of other children like Twalibu, both now and in the future.