Abdul is 6 years old.  He lives with his mother in a remote village deep in the bush.  Abdul was born with a hearing impairment and had never attended school.

Abdul was been assessed as needing a specialist education provided by teachers who can help him learn to communicate. He was offered a place at Rahaleo Deaf School but his mother could not afford the 66p a day transport he needed to get him there and back.

In December 2020 we appealed for help and within days had received enough donations to pay for Adbul's transport to school for an entire year - what an incredible response.

Just a few week's later Abdul started school for the first time and the transformation since then has been incredible.  He has only been at school for two weeks and has already learnt basic sign language which helps him communicate with his teacher and peers.  He is more confident and now playing with other children in a way that he never has before.

There are many more children like Adbul desperate for an education.  Please donate now and give a child the chance of a better future.