Freddie is a 13 year old boy who had never been to school and is just one of the children we have supported throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. Freddie was born with learning difficulties and a physical impairment and his mother, Mama Freddie, didn't believe he would be able to cope in a school environment.

However, after Mama Freddie heard that there was an EdUKaid-led talk in the local school about the right of every child to an education - she brought him along to the meeting. 

Whilst Mama Freddie was reluctant to initially open-up to our team in the meeting, she listened to what they had to say and recognised that we could help her son get the education he needs to thrive in the classroom. 

In March 2020, after building trust and establishing the best means to manage Freddie’s needs, he joined one of our partner schools in Tanzania. 

Whilst the school sadly closed a few week later due to lockdown restrictions, our local team were still able to maintain contact with Freddie. We provided him and his family with soap, masks and basic information to keep them safe. 

And with lockdown lifted in July 2020, Freddie returned to school and is now receiving the support he needs to reach his full potential  and get the best chances in life. 

Since then, Mama Freddie has shown her sincere gratitude to the help her son has received and had this to say: 

I never thought Freddie would have the chance to learn or that I would have time without him – I am now able to earn money when Freddie is at school and give him a better life.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of children who most need it the most, just like Freddie. But in addition to this, our community-led approach reaches out to the families and the larger community to ensure they get the help they so rightly deserve for their children to prosper in the future. 

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