Ally is 10 year’s old and lives with his grandmother, 1 older and 3 younger siblings as well as his 2 uncles about 8 kilometres from school.  Ally’s mother died 5 years ago and his father has travelled to the north for work. 

Everyday Ally walks the long journey to Mbuo Primary School on his own – it is a difficult journey as the road is very poor and there are many dangers on the route.  His older sister has dropped out of school as she has to help look after his younger siblings.  

"School was not a good place to be"

When the EdUKaid UK team first met Ally in 2016 he told us he liked to learn but the school was not a good place. He said his desk was broken and he had to share it with 3 other children even though it was only supposed to be for 2 people.  He said the latrines were broken and he didn’t like to use them. 

New classrooms, new desks

When the UK team returned to Mbuo in October during our monitoring visit after the renovation work we met with Ally again and asked him what difference it had made for him.  Ally told us that his school was a happy place now and the teachers happy in their nice classrooms.  Ally said he really liked the new books and desks – he now only has to share the desk with 2 other children.  

Ally told us he wants to go to college and learn to be a carpenter to build new desks for schools like the carpenters had done for his school. 

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