EdUKaid has been with Daudi for a long time... 

We first met Daudi when he was 12 – he was living with his mother and 3 siblings in a small mud hut in Mtwara.  Daudi was struggling to attend school as his mother could not afford the fees or uniform – also the school was some distance away and the family could not afford transport.  Daudi’s older sister dropped out of school at the age of 13 to help their mother grow crops and care for her siblings. 

A bicycle can change everything

Thanks to EdUKaid donors, Daudi was able to attend school and complete his education.  They funded Daudi’s fees, uniform and resources as well as providing a bicycle for him to get to school.  

A doctor in the making

Daudi worked hard and achieved great results which meant he could go on to further education.  Daudi wanted to become a doctor so that he could eventually work with sick children and make their lives better – EdUKaid donors have continued to support Daudi through medical school. 

In 2019 Daudi graduated with flying colours from Hubert Kairuki Memorial University and began the next chapter in his life as a qualified doctor - a very proud day for Daudi and for EdUKaid.

Giving back to his community

Daudi is now working at Ruangwa District Hospital as a Medical Doctor - rotating through different departments to gain experience. 

Thank you!

Daudi told us “Without EdUKaid donors I would have faced many problems - I thank EdUKaid for your support and my dreams are coming true."

Please donate now to help more children achieve their dream - just like Dr Daudi did.