We first met Mwajuma Zalali when she was 9 years old - she was at risk of dropping out of primary school and faced a bleak future. Mwajuma’s parents died when she was little so she, and younger brother Laimu, live with her grandparents who could not afford to send her to school.  


Every month our fantastic supporters donate money to make sure children have an education.  Thanks to EdUKaid donors Mwajuma was able to complete her education and go on to college. 

Mwajuma is now a member of the EdUKaid team working at Mkunwa pre-primary - Mwajuma told us "Thanks to Mr Tim and all at EdUKaid I have a good life and can give many children a better future."

Please donate now or if you'd rather fundraise, we have lots of ideas to help you along.