After a very challenging 18 months, we are really excited to be building classrooms again!  Thanks to a grant from Guernsey Overseas Aid, EdUKaid will be building new pre-primary classrooms in some of the most disadvantaged schools in the Mtwara region. 

Overcrowded classrooms

Over-crowded and under-resourced schools struggle to meet the needs of their children.  Many classrooms are unsafe and not fit for purpose - often leaving the youngest children sheltering under a tree.  The lack of suitable facilities mean that these children often drop out of school all together.

community members digging the foundations for a new classroom

Engaging communities is key

Hundreds of parents came to dig the foundations for the new pre-primary classroom at Mikindani primary. 

By engaging the community at the beginning, parents take ownership of the classroom and will ensure their children attend school regularly. 

10 new classrooms

Over the next 8 months, EdUKaid will be building 10 new classrooms as part of our Pre-primary Improvement Programme.  At the same time, our local team will be training government teachers to deliver child centred education based on the Montessori model of teaching.  As a result, over 1,000 children aged 4 - 7 will benefit from a pre-primary education which will give them the foundations for lifelong learning. 

Learn more about EdUKaid's commitment to pre-primary education here