In March 21, just 3 weeks before we were due to launch the second phase of our incredibly successful Inclusive Education project, we were informed that all UK Aid funding through the Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) had been 'paused'. This week we received the devastating news that the funding offer made in July 20 has now been withdrawn.   

As with our first IE project, this funding would have transformed the lives of over 300 of the most marginalised children living with special educational needs, just as it did for Freddie pictured here, and improve the life chances of generations of disabled children to come. Now, these children will remain without access to education and hidden away from society - a tragedy beyond words.

As well as being devastated that these extremely marginalised children are being let down by the UK government, we are incredibly frustrated that we have invested hundreds of hours of staff and volunteer time both in the UK and in Tanzania in order to meet stringent due diligence processes and to set the project up for the April start date and, at every opportunity, have been reassured that the project would go ahead.  Even in late March 21, UK Aid were encouraging applications to its latest SCCF round – just weeks before UK Aid funding was slashed.  All this time we could have been seeking funding elsewhere for this essential project. 

We recognise that the UK Government have tough decisions to make but truly believe that the world's poorest and most marginalised children should not suffer. Our Trustees have written a letter to the Foreign Secretary and to EdUKaid’s local MP John Glen expressing our utter dismay at the decision and requesting that funding be reinstated as soon as possible.  Along with other grant holders, we have every intention of challenging this shameful decision and need your help.

If you are willing to write to your MP or an influential member of government and strongly state your objection to the withdrawal of funding for EdUKaid and other small UK based charities working overseas then please get in touchHere is some information about how to construct your letter to your MP.

We will also be posting information about the devastating impact on social media over the coming week so please comment and share if you can.

Ultimately, we cannot and will not let these children down and will be making every effort to secure funding to ensure that the most marginalised of children get the education they so desperately need. 

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