Amy joined EdUKaid as a Finance and Communications Volunteer, complementing her Msc in International Development with Economics at Bath University. She is also an Intern for MicroSave (MSC) Consulting, where she evaluates the gender framework for financial inclusion in Anglophone Africa. 

Previously, Amy graduated with a 1st class in Human Geography with a Year Abroad from Durham University where she studied for a year at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has since worked for Hampshire County Council as a Project Officer and volunteered as an Expedition Team Leader implementing community development projects in Fiji. This experience fostered Amy’s passion for international development and the advancement of girls' education

Amy believes education is a key pillar towards the financial inclusion of men and women. Therefore, EdUKaid’s vision for equal access to education for all in is an exciting opportunity that strongly aligns with her passion. By focusing on capacity development, EdUKaid empower and transfer decision making power to local communities. Amy hopes to follow this same ethos as she develops funding opportunities with EdUKaid staff.