My background in physics

I have always had a passion for fundraising, and have organised various fundraising events in the past, so when I was considering summer internships, working for a charity such as EdUKaid seemed ideal. I love studying physics, and the subjects I get to cover really interest me, but my heart has always been in charity work, so the choice between a physics internship or one within a charity was an easy choice to make. 

The work so far - community fundraising in Tanzania

EdUKaid are such a diverse organisation, carrying out many different projects to improve education in Tanzania. The work I have been doing so far is researching into how to develop fundraising within the UK for the projects that EdUKaid do in Tanzania, specifically looking at how the community can be more involved with fundraising projects. It has given me a chance to explore different charities and see how they run their fundraising campaigns, and how to expand existing fundraising strategies. 

The work I am doing is allowing me to gain many different skills, that are very different to those I learn studying physics. I have been able to widen my knowledge, and consider other charities and how they operate and the ways that we can learn from the work they do. I’ve also had the opportunity to sit in on a trustee board meeting and see how it operates. 

Learning about working in the development sector

Over my 4 weeks here, I’ve had the chance to see what it is like working within the development sector, and how charities such as EdUKaid run, as well as how they plan for the future. It has been a great experience to work alongside people who are so passionate about the work the charity does, and who really want to do the best for those they are working with in Tanzania. 

Getting the chance to have four weeks of work experience at EdUKaid has been a real privilege, to be able to work alongside Teresa and Leanne, and to see how EdUKaid runs on a day to day basis. It’s an opportunity to get a real insight into how a growing charity works, and to see all that they are doing. 


Molly undertook a 4-week placement at EdUKaid in summer 2017.  Molly is studying Theoretical Physics at The University of Birmingham and is interested in a career in charity fundraising.