I have been lucky enough to work here at EdUKaid as part of my University degree, and I have loved every minute. I have had the opportunity to get involved with fundraising, sponsorship, monitoring and evaluation, and I can’t quite believe it’s coming to an end! Studying International Development is a challenge, it can be heavy subject matter (as it should be), and it can sometimes feel that there is a disconnect between theory and delivering projects and initiatives that have a real impact on breaking the cycle of poverty. EdUKaid’s community led approach is something that I cannot emphasize the importance of enough, and being able to see how the team learn and respond to project feedback is really inspiring. The respect and partnership between the UK team and the Tanzanian team is so vital to the success of our projects and being able to get involved with such a dynamic and positive organisation has been an amazing experience.  

Although I wasn’t able to visit any of the schools myself, it’s clear that the work that the EdUKaid team do is invaluable just by hearing some of the stories that come from our teachers and children. Something that struck me is the relationship EdUKaid schools have with their respective communities, just since I started we’ve seen so many ex-pupils reach out to us to tell us what they are doing now and where they plan to go with their careers, and it is humbling to know that we have played a role at all in shaping these individual’s futures. 

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with a team of dedicated individuals who are so passionate about what they do, and I have no doubt that I will continue to support EdUKaid in any way that I can! 

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