My background in International Development

I have just finished my second year studying Geography and Modern History at the University of St Andrews and I have always been interested in International Development and the charities sector, developing this interest through my academic studies as well as by getting involved, at University, with the charity ‘Mary’s Meals’.

I also spent time earlier this year working with a local MP in Westminster, during which one of my main areas of focus was learning more about the UK Government’s International Development agenda and policies. Working with a local charity, that I had been aware of for many years, therefore seemed a great opportunity to gain a new perspective on the development sector and the work that small, sustainable, and community-led charities do across the globe. 

Organising EdUKaid's Anniversary Ball 

My time with EdUKaid has been interesting and varied and I have witnessed first-hand the range of work that goes on within the EdUKaid office. I started my placement focusing on adding the finishing touches to EdUKaid’s 15th Anniversary Ball; this involved making table plans, table name cards and preparing balloons.

 poeple enjoying the ball

Community fundraising

I then moved onto researching community fundraising ideas and opportunities, looking at ways in which everyone can get involved with fundraising for EdUKaid. Whilst I was busy doing this, Teresa was working on a grant application and the development of the charity’s policies on different issues that EdUKaid may have to confront in its day-to-day work.

Research opportunities and grant applications

I have also undertaken research into the various charitable Trusts and Foundations that provide grants for charitable projects across the world; it is from these Trusts and Foundations that EdUKaid gets a lot of its income. It was therefore extremely interesting to do research into this in order to gain a greater appreciation of the range of funding sources available to small charities. I then used this information to prepare grant profiles, which in the future will be used to inform applications for grants.

Finally, I also spent a morning helping EdUKaid at a local fundraising event. In doing this, I once again gained a valuable insight to the range of community fundraising initiatives that EdUKaid engages with, whilst I also met some of the volunteers that give up their time to further EdUKaid’s aims. It was great to hear why they were so passionate about EdUKaid and to hear their experiences over many years working with EdUKaid.

Different roles within EdUKaid

I have therefore, in the short time that I have been with EdUKaid, seen the many, and exciting, sides to EdUKaid’s work. I have gained a real, and extremely valuable, appreciation for the hard work that goes into managing a small charity, whilst I have also witnessed first-hand the processes that drive small charities across the UK. Lastly, I have also gained a much-enhanced appreciation for the work that EdUKaid does in Tanzania – the work is worthwhile, vitally important and executed brilliantly.