95% of disabled children never attend school in Tanzania

Meet Freddie - one of the 95% of disabled children who never went to school in Tanzania. Freddie had never had the opportunity to play with other children because his mother did not know how to cope with his disability. Freddie likes to wander, he doesn’t communicate very easily and so, to keep him safe she kept him tethered at home.  Freddie's mother wasn't being intentionally cruel - she didn't know what else to do and had no one to help her find a better way.

Freddie’s mother brought him to school because she had heard that EdUKaid was giving a talk as part of our Inclusive Education Project about the right of every child to have go to school. Whilst Mama Freddie was reluctant to initially open-up to our team in the meeting, she listened to what they had to say and recognised that we could help her son get the education he deserved. 

In March 2020, after building trust and establishing the best means to manage Freddie’s needs, he joined one of our partner schools in Tanzania.  Freddie is now thriving and his life has been transformed.

Help us transform the lives of children just like Freddie

In April 2021 we were due to launch our second Inclusive Education Project but sadly the UK government withdrew the funding just weeks from the start date.  As a result over 300 children just like Freddie remain without an education and hidden from society.  We are determined not to let these children down.

A regular gift or a one off donation could help us transform the lives of many more children with special educational needs in rural Tanzania.  

Asante Sana