95% of disabled children never attend school in Tanzania

Meet Freddie. Freddie is one of the 95% of disabled children who never go to school in Tanzania. Freddie’s mother brought him to school because she had heard that EdUKaid was giving a talk about the right of every child to have an education. Until then, Freddie had to be kept secure in his home.

He has never had the opportunity to play with other children because his mother did not know how to deal with his disability. Freddie likes to wander, he doesn’t communicate very easily and so, to keep him safe he was kept at home.

Freddie is just one child out of a possible 200 children that we have identified living in Mtwara. We want to help all of them to go to school, many for the first time. We want them to get the education they deserve and help the schools cater for their needs.

Let's get Freddie to school!

We have secured funding to help pay for the many costs associated with delivering this project to 20 schools. What we don’t have is the necessary funds to pay for, wheelchairs, transport costs, special equipment etc. - can you help?

The money won’t just be for Freddie but he is the inspiration behind this. We are looking to raise just £2 per child per month to help children come to school and get the education they desperately need. Yes that is not a typo. £2 per month could help change a child’s life. £10 a month will help 5 children. £20 will help 10 children and so on.

Please help transform the lives of these children.

Update March 2020

Good news! Freddie joined one of our partner schools in Tanzania. You can read more about Freddie's story here 

EdUKaid's Inclusive Education Project