As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across Tanzania we are working hard to support local communities in rural Mtwara protect themsleves from the virus and we need your help.  

Tanzania has a significantly underresourced health system with not enough doctors and only and only 1.3 ICU beds per million population. In the rural Mtwara region the situation is is even more critical as community-based clinics struggle to provide even the most basic healthcare. These remote communities do not have access to the facilities or information they need to protect themselves and for these communities preventing the spread of COVID-19 is absolutely crucial if they are to survive this pandemic.

As a small charity, EdUKaid is well-placed to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading – we have staff on the ground and the trust of local communities. With your help we can ensure that the most vulnerable are able to protect themselves.

What can EdUKaid do?

Now more than ever, hand hygiene is extremely important but it’s very difficult for people to wash their hands because there are no sinks, clean water is limited and there is often no soap compounded by a lack of understanding about the benefits of good hygiene.  EdUKaid will support local communities to build simple handwashing devices, provide them with soap and teach them about the need for good hygiene practices.

As face masks are in high demand their cost has rocketed - they are completely out of reach for local villagers.  EdUKaid's Kushona Women's Sewing Enterprise will produce low-cost facemasks specifically for the local community.  This will provide basic protection for individuals and generate a small income for local women.


*This is a rapidly changing situation so all donations raised will be allocated to our general funds and spent as needed to respond to the crisis.