After months of uncertainty about whether it would happen, our new Inclusion Project was launched on 1st September! 

Following funding being withdrawn by the UK Government in April, just three weeks from the project start date, we had to tell local communities and stakeholders that we may not be able to keep our promise to create a truly inclusive education.  Just a few months later, our generous supported had donated enough money to deliver this combined Inclusion Project for a year.

Progress so far

Over the past 6 weeks the Project Team have delivered the first tranche of Inclusion training to nearly 200 teachers, education officials, village leaders and other key people – giving them the information, skills and confidence to deliver a truly inclusive education. 

Involving community teachers is key

We have also been working closely with local Kungwi (traditional village teachers tasked with preparing girls for adulthood) to educate them about the rights of girls and the risks of harmful practices such as FGM. 

Improving community awareness

Over the coming months, the Project Team will be working across 10 schools to establish weekly Girls’ Clubs and deliver awareness sessions to parents and wider community members.  Educating communities and changing their attitudes towards gender and disability is the most powerful of activities which will impact on generations of children to come.

What next?

We are currently fundraising to be able to expand this essential project to an additional 10 schools so that more children disadvantaged by attitudes towards gender and disability can access the education they deserve.  

How you can help

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is just a few weeks away! For one week only, every donation made through The Big Give platform will be DOUBLED. 

YOUR donation will transform educational opportunities for children living with a disability in Tanzania. The Christmas Challenge will take place from midday on 30 November 2021 to midday on 7 December.  Check out our campaign page and save the date.  Remember it's ONE donation - TWICE the impact!