How Covid is affecting the people of Tanzania

As the world absorbs and responds to the COVID-19 crisis, we send our thoughts to everyone impacted by the virus - we know current events are touching so many lives. In the circumstances we wanted to update you on the situation in Tanzania and the impact on EdUKaid's work.

There are a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tanzania but, to date, none have been reported in Mtwara. As there is a desperate lack of testing in the country it is difficult to know how accurate this is.  Rural Tanzania suffers from a lack of health services, basic sanitation facilities and general infrastructure – for that reason the World Health Organization is telling us to prepare for the worst.

Lockdown for schools

All schools in Tanzania have been shut for at least a month and gatherings of more than a few people banned in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. Children are having to make do with sharing the limited number of books available to them – particularly for those older children who will be sitting important exams this year. It is difficult for parents to help the children with their learning as most have had limited or no education themselves – many can’t even read or write. We are doing all that we can to make sure that these children stay safe and can continue to learn.

Despite the situation, the children are in good spirits and living life as they always have – making the most of every day. The lack of access to news and social media means that they unaware of the panic we are experiencing in the western world – probably a blessing in this case. If the Government of Tanzania introduce more stringent measures I am sure this will change but, for now, they are coping. 

Your donations count

Thanks to the support of our loyal donors and funders over many years, our children have been able to access schooling that not only provides an academic education but also teaches them basic skills such as good hygiene and self-care – skills and that may save their lives in the coming weeks and months. Regular donations have helped provide access to water and fund very basic essentials such as food and soap – this has always been important in the fight against ill health but now more than ever it will genuinely save lives.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be focusing our efforts on making sure that the children and communities in which we live and work have access to the information they need to protect themselves and will be bringing forward our Borehole Project to improve access to clean water for the most remote villages.  

We know that life is tough for everyone at the moment but for these communities the spread of this virus could be catastrophic. 

If you feel you can help, no matter how much, please Donate to EdUKaid today to change a child's life forever.