Barton St Peter's Primary School Walk for Chalk for EdUKaid

Last month, pupils at Barton St Peter’s Primary School decided to raise money for their partner school in Tanzania by doing a Walk for Chalk.

However, they didn’t stop at walking. Instead, the school council decided to really commit to the ‘fun’ in fundraising by turning the walk into a hunt.

Hidden across the school grounds were tokens the school had made themselves, worth £1 each. The pupils had to walk around and find as many as they could. At the end of the hunt, they counted up enough tokens to buy 3 big boxes of chalk – that comes to about £90!

The chalk will be sent to one of our schools in Tanzania, where teachers and pupils use chalk every day for their lessons. They will be very pleased to receive this generous donation.

Thank you Barton St Peter’s for this fantastic idea and your excellent hunting skills!

EdUKaid's Walk for Chalk page gives more information on what it's all about and how to arrange your own.