I have seen close up the work this small but vigorous charity is doing in the Mikindani region of Tanzania.  On a visit there a couple of years ago, I came across the work being done to restore dilapidated school buildings, with the strong support of the community.  

So impressed was I by my visit to schools which had been renovated that I decided on return to raise funds for the nursery and primary school in Mtwara - where I stayed whilst in Tanzania - which was in a terrible rundown state.  No water, no windows, no blackboards......just scores of children desperate to learn and teachers doing all in their power to help them despite the ravaged buildings.

Having raised the necessary funds, I followed the progress of the work in Mtwara: the charity works with the local community, and I had regular reports and photographs of how the work was progressing. 

Every single penny of the money was accounted for, down to the number of nails used by the joiner to pin up a new whiteboard.  It was remarkable to see the end result.  Not only was the school turned into a school, they were able to fund a teacher for the nursery class which until then was without one. The head teacher and the children were thrilled and encouraged and class numbers rose substantially. 

“Our children are learning well – they are achieving better results and attending school regularly.” – Singino Head Teacher 

“I am inspired by EdUKaid and I have shared your good work with my colleagues across the region as well as our regional officer.” – Education Officer 

 “Thank you for your help – our school is transformed.” – Chairperson of Mitengo school management committee 

I cannot commend EdUKaid highly enough. The work they do is incredibly impressive.