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International Day of Friendship 2022

Celebrate International Day Of Friendship by doing something wonderful for those in need

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Blog posts created by Ewan, a volunteer for EdUKaid

International Day of Friendship!

Today is the UN International Day of Friendship! It is a day where people from all over the world can come together to celebrate their commonalities.

Eliminating Sexual Violence in Conflict

Promoting understanding of some of the main functions and devastating impacts of sexual violence in conflict situations.

Busting Myths About Menstruation

With International Menstrual Health and Hygiene Day approaching, here at EdUKaid we think it is time that we bust some popular myths about menstruation.

The hidden costs of ‘free’ schools in Tanzania

Eliminating school fees has had adverse impacts on access to education in Tanzania. EdUKaids Farm to Feed Project is helping schools become self-financing.

World Malaria Day

The role of education in defeating malaria

Who is Samia Suluhu Hassan?

Tanzania's first female President: Samia Suluhu Hassan

International Women's Day

A look at why and how EdUKAid is #ChoosingToChallenge gender inequality in Tanzania this International Women's Day.

The benefits of volunteering

Thoughts of a volunteer during the Coronavirus pandemic