The importance of communication and translation for international charities

Most of us often take communication for granted in our daily lives but for an international charity like EdUKaid, communication isn't just important but essential for facilitating effective solutions to complex and challenging problems. One of the most important components of communication for international charities is translation as it helps charities to grow and expand their reach, opening the doors to a larger world audience as well as more potential investors. 

More importantly, translation allows charities to work effectively with local actors to more accurately understand and address the problems facing their communities. Working with local actors also places more power and agency in the hands of these communities, allowing them to play an active role in providing solutions to their own issues. This is essential for creating sustainable and authentic solutions to real challenges facing their communities.

EdUKaid’s approach to communication and translation

EdUKaid understands the importance of accurate communication and translation in holding up a successful international organization. Because of this, the charity has established effective communication with the local communities it works with by recruiting local translators who not only understand multiple languages but local culture and customs as well. 

EdUKaid has used translators to learn more about local people who have been affected by the charity’s projects, giving these people a voice and allowing EdUKaid to listen to their requests and inputs. Additionally, these translators have been vital for helping EdUKaid set up projects and have allowed the charity to work closely with the communities in Tanzania. EdUKaid is also working to bring local voices to a wider audience through the use of subtitling videos and interviews so people across the world can see the good that we do.

My role in supporting EdUKaid’s communication and translation

Like many members of EdUKaid, I actively work on solving some of the challenges regarding communication and translation. For me, this mostly involves creating accurate and detailed subtitles for both videos of Tanzanian communities as well as interviews with the people who inhabit them. Creating these subtitled videos has not only introduced me to so many heart warming stories involving EdUKaid and the help that they provide, but also allowed me to share these stories with a wider audience, letting EdUKaid and the communities it supports get the attention they deserve. 

It is really satisfying to be able to witness the direct effects of my work and how it contributes to solving a larger overarching challenge, something that I have experienced a lot while working for EdUKaid and really is a benefit of working for a smaller charity. In fact, being able to see the value of my own contributions is one of the main reasons why I enjoy working for EdUKaid and, if you also value being able to see the impact of your own work, I sincerely recommend that you explore how you can get involved with this amazing charity.

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