In order to encourage friendship between people, nations, and cultures and to mend rifts, the United Nations declared July 30th to be International Friendship Day in April 2011. Our world has seen a wide range of difficulties during the past year and a half, including sickness, depression, financial loss, and grief.  More people than ever are living in extreme poverty, are subjected to violence, and are being abused in violation of their human rights. The occasion of International Friendship Day asks us to remember and encourage others along the journey, even though we cannot eliminate all of these crimes in a single day. We are able to connect with one another and create solid emotional relationships through friendship, which can improve our lives and advance mankind as a whole.

Donations on International Day of Friendship

The link you share with your closest friends pales in comparison to the power of friendship. True friendship embraces people from various backgrounds and cultural traditions. Giving your time, money, and even your blood, to people who are in need encapsulates the true meaning of friendship. It encourages individuals who really need encouragement and offers them hope that life will get better. Whether you choose to donate money, clothing, or time, you will have a significant impact on the lives of others. 

Ways to celebrate International Friendship Day 2022

Something about nostalgia makes you feel incredibly grateful. It brings back happy memories for you. Why not engage in an activity that brings back memories of your first friendship on this International Friendship Day? Did you become close because of certain TV shows, movies, songs, foods, or books? Did you wear a particular look? Recreate the exciting activities you did together in your mind! You can connect with your friends wherever they are by doing this in person or electronically. It's an excellent approach to gauge the growth of your friendship. 

It's easy to lose touch with your pals when so many people have such busy, fast-paced lives, especially as you get older. It doesn't necessarily indicate the relationship is over just because you don't talk every day. Your dearest friends will know how much you value them if you take the time to write them a sincere letter or message that describes the journey you've taken, your favourite experiences, and the characteristics you love most about them.

Do something to help others

Do something to cheer someone else up and honour the true spirit of friendship on this International Friendship Day. With a variety of activities, you could persuade the young people you live or work with to consider friendship. If you choose to donate to EdUKaid you could improve the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.  But, the most important message is that you do something to help others - whatever that may be.