My interest in education and international development

It is important to me that less privileged children get access to the education they need to realize their full potential. It is no surprise then, that I was drawn to EdUKaid both through seeing all the pictures of happy children that EdUkaid has helped as well as its reputation as a charity that creates meaningful, lasting solutions which focus on empowering local people. I love that volunteering for EdUKaid feels like I am part of a dedicated team which is truly invested in making a difference for these children living in the rural communities of Tanzania.

My Experience Volunteering for EdUKaid

While volunteering for EdUKaid, I have spent a lot of time analyzing social media data, allowing EdUKaid and myself to write successful social media posts which built engagement and increased reach with our online community. I also worked on collecting Tanzanian school results data so that EdUKaid could easily access the performance of all the schools they work with. Working on these challenges has been great for helping me become greatly proficient in written communication as well as allowing me to develop skills in data collection and analysis, gaining greater insight into specific issues.

Why I recommend volunteering

Volunteering has been, and will continue to be, an amazing experience that has not only helped me to develop important skills, but has also given me the chance to be involved in making a meaningful difference for those who really need it. There is a lot to be said about working with a smaller charity like EdUKAid. For starters, you will likely be working on many different projects in many different areas, which is much more engaging than having to repeat the same work every single day and allows you to gain a better insight into the processes of the charity. EdUKaid has also been great at treating me as an individual and has been really understanding about my personal life and how it might affect my work.

It seems as though EdUKaid doesn't just work to support local communities in rural Tanzania, they have also done an amazing job at creating a community within the charity which is full of like-minded individuals who treat each other with respect. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to become part of this amazing community and I hope to continue supporting them for as long as I can.