Asda is 12 years old. She lives with her father and grandparents – her mother died a few years ago giving birth to her younger brother. Asda is very bright and has always performed well in her studies. She told us that her periods started a few months ago. She said she did not know what was happening as no-one had ever told her about menstruation. Asda used mud and leaves to try and stop the bleeding and hid herself away until it stopped. She was worried that she would have to drop out of school all together. 

How EdUKaid helped

During the EdUKaid session, Asda learnt about puberty and menstrual health - understanding that what was happening to her was a natural part of growing up. She learnt how to make re-usable pads and that she could continue to attend school and take part in all activities when she had her period.

I was scared and didn't know what was happening to me. I used mud and leaves to stop the bleeding and hid until it stopped

Top of her class

Asda finished the 2021 school year top of her class. Asda told us that she wants to be a teacher when she leaves school and help other girls understand that their periods do not need to get in the way of their education. 

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