Shangani Primary - Little Changes, Making a Big DifferenceApril 20 2017

There are many challenges facing children and their communities in Tanzania, including no access to simple resources and having to survive a day on little food. For some, this challenge is far greater. During our visit out to Tanzania in October, we visited Shangani Primary School. Within this school is a classroom with a small group of children and two teachers. The teachers have to not only teach children of different ages but also different disabilities. With minimal staff training available and just a small amount of resources, education is that much harder for these children.

Despite the difficulty of the situation, the children are happy and the teachers give them the best possible education they can. It is, with thanks to Helen Middleton and Family who held a bridge lunch at the end of last year, that we could fund some resources for the children. When we first visited Shangani the classroom looked like this...

Now, it looks like this...



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