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EdUKaid works with rural communities in Tanzania to improve the teaching and learning environment through building classrooms and upgrading schools, as well as providing vital educational services, resources and support. Read our latest newsletter here.

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Ten Degrees Charity Race Night

Ten Degrees Charity Race Night

There has been an incredible sense of community involvement in the School Improvement Project at Mnaida Primary.

In 2013 and before volunteering for EdUKaid, Barbara and Neil were volunteering with another local NGO. They invited their friend Maggi to come and visit. After visiting local primary school Mnaida, they decided that together, and with some incredible support from their friends and family, they would raise enough money to renovate the primary school buildings and facilities.

In fact, the money they raised didn’t only cover the whole primary school renovation; it also paid for desks that were needed, improved drainage channels around the school buildings, a water harvesting and guttering system was installed, and a pre-primary class was introduced (which included covering the costs of the teacher and assistants salaries for the first year, and all of the resources and teaching aids).

A couple of months after the renovation was finish, on Saturday 16th August, Ten Degrees South local bar, restaurant and guest house organised a charity race night to raise funds to provide on-going support to Mnaida pre-primary throughout 2015.

Inviting friends who live in both Mikindani and Mtwara, they raised a whopping $2020, which will pay for additional resources, teaching aids and equipment, and will also largely contribute towards the Teacher and Assistant salaries for the next year.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of the race sponsors, to the winners who re-donated their winnings, and to Isobel, Kayley, the Ten Degrees team and everybody else that helped organise such a successful fundraiser.

Asante sana from all of us at EdUKaid.

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