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EdUKaid strives to improve the educational prospects of the most disadvantaged and deprived children in the rural, poor Mtwara region of Tanzania. Read our latest newsletter here.

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Working together - 5p at a time

Working together - 5p at a time

Supporters come in all shapes and sizes, from those who donate 5p to those who fundraise £5000. Some supporters prove that no matter how small the donation every amount has an impact. As the Tanzanian proverb goes, 'Little by little, a little becomes a lot'.

One of our fantastic partners Revive have chosen to donate 5p for every hot drink they sell in their Doozy machines to us. Up to now this scheme has raised over £1000. The different this makes over in Tanzania is huge, with current projects including a school's improvement project of Naumbu Primary the introduction of the tippy tap across our partner schools.

So if you are ever doubtful whether your donations will make a difference, take it from us, it really does! 

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Currently our work focuses in education projects in the Mtwara region, and we are proudly delivering the following:

  • Improved Resources and Facilities
  • Introduction and Delivery of Pre Primary Classes
  • Support and Sponsorship
  • Local Job Opportunities and Training

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