Where We Work

We are very privileged to work in Tanzania and in partnership with many wonderful, warm and welcoming Tanzanian people.

Some Tanzania Facts:

  • Life expectancy 56 years
  • % of people living below the poverty line 35% 
  • Ratio of Pupils to qualified teachers 54:1
  • In 2010 about 68,000 pupils dropped out of primary school

About Mtwara:

In terms of geographical location the region is located in the Southern corner of Tanzania and is very close to the Mozambique border.

The main occupation in the Mtwara region is agriculture followed by fishing and forestry.  The major cash crops (industries) are cashew nuts, sesame and ground nuts, but the discovery of fossil fuels is likely to change the region considerably in the future as oil and gas companies began their explorations in the region in 2008.

About Mikindani:

Mikindani is a remote coastal village (but can be likened to a small town) in Mtwara with a population of approximately 16,000. It is steeped in history and has links with Dr David Livingstone but the area is really too far away from the national parks to attract tourists. Many families live in mud thatched houses and their quality of life is severely impacted by poverty. For the people of Mikindani this translates into daily life that is a struggle to meet their most basic needs.

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