Why is it important to fundraise for EdUKaid?

Small charities such as EdUKaid have been hit hugely by Covid-19 following cancellations to fundraising events and now cuts to oversees aid. This has a major knock-on effect on EdUKaid's beneficiaries in Tanzania, whilst school closures risk undermining any previous progress towards gender equality. 

In Tanzania:
40% of children drop out of school before their 10th birthday
• Only 3% of children manage to complete secondary education
95% of children living with a disability don’t attend classes at all
16% of girls say their periods keep them out of school and 100,000 girls drop out of school every year – many due to pregnancy

EdUKaid's success stories

EdUKaid's Pre-Primary and Primary, Inclusive Education and Heshima Projects advocate access to education for all, and for girls' sexual reproductive health rights to be a right, not a privilege.

To date:

• 189 teachers have been supported by core effective teaching and interventions aimed at behaviour change towards children with disabilities
• 40 disability and child's rights training sessions have been delivered to teachers and school members
• 80 children with disabilities have received disability and child rights information sessions
• 20 schools have implemented inclusive education plans
• 2,371 girls have received Menstrual Health Management and Girls Clubs to give them the knowledge and confidence to prepare for and manage their periods whilst remaining in school

As a result of EdUKaid's projects, there has been a 215% increase in the number of children with disabilities enrolled in schools, a seismic shift in community perceptions of disabilities, 100% of girls and stakeholders have reported an increase in the level of importance they pertain to staying in education, and 98% of girls have reported an increased understanding of menstrual health management.

May 3rd 2021 - Emma's 100km cycle 

I am fundraising for EdUKaid so that children in Tanzania can continue to receive and benefit from EdUKaid's educational and sexual reproductive health projects. To do so, on May 3rd I'll be cycling 100km on a Wattbike for the CaptainTom100 Challenge. Any donations would be hugely appreciated, no matter how small!

Emma Howell