We want to help support EdUKaid in its mission to improve access to education for children across Tanzania. Knowing that EdUKaid works via community-led programs to ensure local people are empowered is an ethos we strongly support.

In Tanzania:

  • 40% of children drop out of school before their 10th birthday
  • Only 3% of children manage to complete secondary school
  • 95% of children living with a disability don't attend classes at all
  • 16% of girls say their periods prevent them from attending school

The impact of Covid-19 on children's schooling in Tanzania

Covid-19 has exacerbated these inequalities, preventing children from attending school and gaining vital qualifications. For parents whose businesses may have closed or jobs lost, funding their children's education has become sidelined against everyday necessities. Without access to a viable vaccination rollout, the situation in Tanzania is likely to get worse.

100 minutes of chilli running...

We have decided to complete 100 minutes of running, on the 1st May 2021, to raise funds to combat the effects of Covid-19 on children's education in Tanzania.

Projects like Farm to Feed are vital to ensure children are not priced out from their basic human rights. We appreciate any donations you are able to make.

Amy Curren