Mkwajuni primary school is in desperate need of help.  Buildings are crumbling, desks are broken, books are scarce and the classrooms are massively overcrowded.  Teachers are struggling and children are failing - for the children of Mkwajuni the future is very bleak.  The remoteness of the school creates additional challenges such as poor access due to a lack of road maintenance, lack of clean water (the closest pump is several kilometers away), a critical shortage of teachers and a general lack of interest from public authorities.


Just £10 will repair a blackboard- such a vital tool for a teacher to do their work properly

Whilst only 236 are children enrolled at Mkwajuni, there are at least 200 more children living in the area who should be attending – many have dropped-out due to the appalling facilities.  These children are facing a lifetime of poverty and disadvantage.


The latrines at Mkwajuni are in such a bad state that they are dangerous to use.  Poor hygiene and sanitation is one of the biggest causes of illness in young children.  Girls in particular struggle to use dilapidated, dangerous latrines causing high levels of absenteeism and drop-out for female children and teachers. 


It doesn't have to be this way!

With your help we can transform this school and give the children of Mkwajuni the chance of a very different future